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Welcome to WeCycl Connect an African American business directory. Our goal is to create the largest directory of African American businesses and organizations. WeCycl wants to connect the over 2 million black owned businesses to over $1 trillion of African American spending dollars. Also, promote black businesses to partner and spend with one another.

  1. Black women are starting businesses at the highest rate in the U.S.
  2. The black dollar stays in the African American community for only 6 hours
  3. African American we over 50% of Hennessy consumer base which sells 2.3 million cases/year but drinks less alcohol on average than the rest of the U.S
  4. African Americans earning six figures is the largest growing segment in America
  5. African American women are the most educated women in America
  6. African Americans use cell phone devices more than any other group

We must recycle our dollars. When we recycle our dollars we create jobs, we improve our socio-economic condition, and leverage political influence. Support black owned businesses. Sign up your organization or business now!!