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WeCycl Empower

Women have been trying to break through the glass ceiling forever. Although women are half of the population, they are an underserved group. WeCycl wants to stand with woman through our directory of women owned businesses and organizations.

  1. Women are attaining more college than ever which means they’re earning more than ever.
  2. Women control 73% of household spending in the U.S.. That’s $15.3 trillion!
  3. Women make up $7 trillion of high net wealth owned or controlled by an individual.
  4. Control or influence 70% of spending in America.
  5. Will control the majority of the wealth in America in the next 20 years.
  6. Graduating from college at a faster rate than men.

We are excited to create this directory. We all need to support and empower women, especially when women gave birth to us all. WeCycl will be part of that change. Join us and speak with action.