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WeCycl Juntos

Latinos are the fastest growing segment of our population. The Latino community are an underserved community throughout the U.S. Organizing Hispanic spending dollars is to leverage our power in this socio-economic climate.

  1. $1.2 trillion in spending.
  2. The U.S. Latino population were responsible for $2.2 billion in e-commerce purchases made in the United States.
  3. 56% of U.S. Latinos shop on their phone, that’s 23% more than non-Hispanic population
  4. 43% of U.S. Latinos use tablets to shop that’s 18% more than non-Hispanic.
  5. Largest group in ecommerce spending.
  6. Largest minority group in America.
We must recycle our dollars. When we recycle our dollars we create jobs, we improve our socio-economic condition, and leverage political influence. Support Latino businesses. Sign up your organization or business now!!!